Perfect Sleep with a Pillow top

pillowWhen you’re looking for your next mattress, you have many different styles of comfort to choose from. Depending on what you prefer, a pillow top mattress could be the perfect fit for your body. From a Sealy to a Serta, shoppers have a range of brands and styles to choose from at Bedzzz Express’s many locations across Alabama, Florida, Georgia, and Mississippi. Here are some of the benefits to choosing the comfortable pillow top  style:

Extra Cushioning & Support
Pillow top mattresses are known for their extra cushioning layer. The “pillow effect” provides you with a soft sleep surface as well as additional support. The combination of a firm innerspring system with extra supportive padding works together to create the best possible support for your body. It relieves pressure points, too. With extra padding where the hips and shoulders lie, you’ll sleep more soundly and wake up feeling refreshed.

Better for Sharing
If you’re sharing the bed, it also helps cut down on motion disturbance. The extra padding will absorb the additional movement, even with a partner who tosses and turns. This ultimately helps you sleep more soundly with less chance of waking up during the night.

Long-Lasting Investment
Durability and longevity are also important to consider when purchasing a mattress. When you invest in a pillow top mattress, the extra padding reduces wear. Your mattress will feel more comfortable and last longer than standard mattresses.

Whether you’re looking and a Serta or a Sealy, sleepers can experience different levels of comfort at Bedzzz Express. With a wide range of choices, you’ll be able to find the most appropriate pillow top for your next bed.

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High or Low? The Perfect Bed Height For You

Low Sleep System

When you head to a mattress store, retailers have a lot of different types of sleep solutions to choose from. Generally, these sleep systems come at a standard height of about 25 inches or two feet off the ground. You can, however, adjust the height of your bed to however you see fit. Here are some suggestions when considering different heights of sleep systems.

For a Low Sleep System
Lower sleep systems are great for a number of reasons. You can take advantage of loft space with lower beds. They are better for pet owners. Many new parents also get low sleep systems so kids don’t fall too far off the bed. When you like to sleep lower to the ground, it’s best to get platform bed. While many simply place a box spring and mattress on the floor, that type of sleep system is designed to be placed on a frame. Platforms will give you the support your mattress is designed for but keeps your bed closer to the ground.

For a High Sleep System
You have more options with high sleep systems. You can purchase a high frame or loft your bed with lifts. You can choose between a platform style of bed or a traditional sleep system with a box spring and mattress. If you need storage, then under the bed storage is easy with a high sleep system. It also can discourage kids from climbing up or pets from jumping up.

Both high and low sleep systems can be difficult to get in and out of, so if you suffer from back problems or are older in age, the average height is the best option. Consider finding a height that compliments yours, one where you can easily sit down on the edge. That’s the bed height that’s just right!

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Box Springs: The Foundations of Support

Box SpringWhen looking for a new mattress, many people forget the importance of a full sleep system. While manufacturers and showrooms focus on the quality and comfort, it’s really important to have the right box spring. Not only does it keep your mattress from wearing, you also have better support. Mattresses are designed with a box spring in mind. Without one, it just won’t offer the comfort and durability it is meant to have.

Take the Serta iComfort, for example, which is available at all Bedzzz Express locations in Alabama, Georgia, Florida, and Mississippi. This sleep system from Serta comes in two styles and therefore has two different bases for support. The StabL-Base Foundation is best for many of their models but perfect for the iComfort. The double beam design provides consistent support across the bottom of the mattress. This will help for even wear over the years. The foundation also isolates movement so if you’re sleeping with a partner, your sleep won’t be disturbed. If you choose the Motion Perfect Adjustable base, you have the support you need to adjust the mattress properly.

While many mattresses are sold together with a box spring, not all are the same. Whether you’re looking at a basic spring mattress or something unique like the iComfort, sales representatives should be talking to consumers about a full sleep system, not just a mattress. Just like mattresses, the better the box spring, the more comfortable and durable of a sleep system. To avoid a restless night or back problems, look for full sleep systems for a better night’s sleep.

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Want to lose weight? Just go to sleep!

Sounds too good to be true, right?

There may be a little more to it that just sleeping, but there’s tons of medical evidence suggesting links between sleep and weight. Supposedly, how much you sleep and maybe even the quality of your sleep may orchestrate a whole host of hormonal activity that’s tied to your appetite. Continue reading

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Two in the bed can equal twice the fun

You spend almost one-third of your life in bed.  For couples, that means you’re spending at least that much time with your significant other. That’s a whole lot of sleeping together! Or whatever it is you do in there! 😉

This may present some challenges but also great opportunities for bonding and intimacy that can translate into a happy, healthy marriage. No time like February – the month of love – to think about these things, right?

  1. Start by sharing a bed – This sounds really obvious, but above all else, sleep in the same bed. There may be snoring, tossing, turning and excessive pillows or blankets required for one of you and not the other, but if you can work these issues out, you’ll probably find comfort in sharing a bed.  Ear plugs and Breathe-Right nose strips have saved many a marriage.
  2. Keep it private – Not surprisingly, many of those who report problems sharing a bed also have children. We know you love ‘em, but the constant need for another glass of water, one more story before lights out and the regular requests to come sleep in your bed can wreak havoc on any relationship. Keep your door closed or only slightly cracked once you’ve gone to bed.  Make it clear that no one else is to come in unless there’s an emergency.
  3. Find a bed that suits you both – Some people like a bed that’s firm, softer, a huge king size and everything in between. Your best bet is to come into one of our stores and try out tons of different models. And don’t just plop down for a few seconds. Lie down, close your eyes, imagine you’re in your bedroom and relax for at least ten minutes. This will be the true test for finding the right bed.  We ENCOURAGE couples to lay down on as many mattresses in our stores as they possibly can.
  4. Find your happy spot – If you’re most comfortable facing toward the outside of the bed instead of toward your partner, that’s totally fine! Some people worry about these things, but sleep experts say there is no “good” or “bad” sleep position for marriage. Some believe that “spooning” can increase intimacy and lower stress.

If you and your partner have been having trouble sleeping together, Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to give it another go. If you suspect the bed or your physical comfort levels are to blame, let us be your couples counselor by helping you find a new mattress you’ll both dream of sleeping on together!

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Serta is “Gonna put you to sleep”

“Gonna put you to sleep

Gonna put you to sleep

With the sheep

With the sleep

And there’s no Bo Peep

Gonna put you to sleep

With a sleep that’s deep”

Who else remembers those awesome Serta Counting Sheep commercials with the rapping sheep? The sheep are still around, and many people continue to associate them with Serta® Mattresses, one of our favorite brands at Bedzzz Express. Continue reading

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Bedzzz Express turns 18!

Photo by The Birmingham News/Joe Songer

I can’t believe it’s been 18 years since I started Bedzzz Express. It seems like just yesterday, I was dreaming of owning my own business. Today that dream is a reality.

A lot has changed in those 18 years when it comes to the industry and our company. Continue reading

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